Top UK Female Rappers Up Their Hair Game

Top UK Female Rappers Up Their Hair Game
Hair has always been a focal point for women in hip-hop; whether it’s icons like Lil Kim creating a legacy with her coloured wigs, (looks that have been copied for decades, now – notably by Beyoncé for Halloween in 2017), or Nicki Minaj rapping about how she “Got Malaysian, got that yaki, that wavy Brazilian” (Flawless, 2014) and going viral for her 40-inch tresses. Whether it’s for creative expression, or simply a status symbol, rappers have used wigs, braids and natural hair to convey meaning and create colourful characters for themselves.
At plsLONDON, we believe artists and other celebrities have allowed hair extensions to become mainstream, and so we’ve put together some of the top UK female rappers dominating the hair game! From Stefflon Don to newcomers like Ivorian Doll, read on to see our top picks of their iconic looks to date.


Ten years ago, a 13-year-old Shayon Brown saw her first freestyle videos going viral on YouTube. Although, technically, she’s been a part of the UK scene for over a decade, until recently Shaybo wasn’t that active musically, something she’s explains as time ‘mastering her craft’; “it’s not about the fast-tracking of things and doing things quickly, because I feel like if I was to make the music I made when I was 13 now, I wouldn’t be where I am”.

Having made her comeback with her ‘HB Freestyle’ and tracks like ‘Bonjour Cava’ featuring fellow artists Miss La Familia, the Nigerian-born artists has successfully reinvented herself, with old and new fans alike praising her glam makeup and brightly coloured wigs as well as her lyrical ability. Notably, the ‘Streets’ artist’s feature in Wonderland Magazine stood out to fans solely because of the contrast to Shaybo’s usual looks; mixing urban brands with high fashion and a sharp auburn bob wig. For a similar look, try our ‘Anna’ bob lace frontal.





Darkoo’s taken the world by storm with her tune, ‘Gangsta’, which went viral on TikTok and currently has over 50,000 streams on Spotify. Nigerian-born and south London-raised, the 19-year-old has made headlines with her Afro-swing sound and genderfluid dress sense. Confident in her looks, she’s known for switching up her looks; from her ‘masculine’ look, a short blonde fade and sportswear, to ‘feminine’, with full-glam makeup and wigs. We love a girl who can do both! Breaking the mould of a what a ‘typical’ female rapper should look like, it’s only right that we showcase an artist who can adapt so well and rock two very different looks.


Ms Banks




Ms Banks has collaborated with the likes of Stormzy, Tinie Tempah, and Tinashe. She’s also toured with Cardi B and graced the O2 alongside Nicki Minaj. There’s definitely no stopping her. South-London born and proud, the ‘Snack’ artist admits her hometown has impacted on her edgy style; “we have this whole other swag. It’s definitely shaped my taste and style. II mean a lot of people from South London are casual. They care, but not really”.


Sleek black inches are a firm favourite for the ‘Snack’ rapper, having worn it for numerous fashion shoots and on both covers of her albums ‘The Coldest Winter Ever’, part one and two. Clearly, less is more for the 27-year-old! Why not get Ms Banks look with our ‘Nomié’ lace wig?


Ivorian Doll




When Ivorian Doll went TikTok viral with her track ‘Rumours’, no one was really surprised. Since entering the UK music scene alongside fellow rapper Abigail, she’s made a name for herself for both outlandish lyrics and style. More recently, she’s gone solo and has been able to express herself with her fashion as well as lyrical ability. Speaking out about the eye-catching outfits she posts on Instagram, the ‘Body Bag’ artist admits, "I’ve always been about my hair and nails.

I like looking after myself. When I don’t look good, I feel really depressed." From rainbow-colored wigs to crimped blonde hair, the 23-year-old stays switching up her looks and catching attention with her styles. Her long-time hairstylist Keisha Moore has been responsible for some of Ivorian’s biggest looks, including her recent feature in Noisey magazine, wherein the artists rocked Nicki-inspired pink and blonde hair and a high ponytail. Why not try our Electra Ponytail to recreate the same look?


Stefflon Don




Birmingham-born and Netherlands-raised, British-Jamaican rapper Stefflon Don infuses her multi-cultural background both in her music and her creative looks. The ‘Can’t Let You Go’ rapper has sported everything from faux locs to purple pixi wigs. Even though she’s admitted not being able to install her own wigs, that hasn’t put the ‘Hurtin’ Me’ rapper off experimenting with her looks.


With her recent visuals for ‘Move’, the 28-year-old wore multicoloured braids with a satin headscarf to complete the look. In her look for the ‘Boasty’ video, featuring Wiley and Idris Elba, the rapper wore an aqua blue wig with highlights, the trendy look allowing her to stand out in the star-studded track. It’s a look you can copy for less with our ‘Ky-Li’ lace frontal at a steal of £59!


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