Premium Futura Fiber VS Russian Remy Hair

Premium Futura Fiber VS Russian Remy Hair
Can you spot the difference? 
[Left to right: plsLONDON Futura Fiber vs Russian Remy]
Extensions come in all different styles, textures, and lengths, so we know that buying hair online can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time! At plsLONDON, knowing the basics of Futurama Fibre and Remy is key to choosing the perfect style for you. So many first time extension wearers make the mistake of overlooking synthetic hair because they don’t know much about it, not realising that sometimes its easier and more cost-effective to purchase than Remy. At the same time, there’s also a lot of people who buy our Futura Fibre because they don’t think they can manage the maintenance of Remy hair! To solve all your confusion, from what hair is best, to how you can manage it, we’ve broken down our Futura Fibre VS Remy Human Hair, going through the pros and cons of both, ultimately deciding a winner and giving you an exclusive know-how so you can choose what’s best for you! Read on to find out:
  1. Heat
The benefit of human hair means that you can use as much heat and product on it as you like, just as you’d do with your own real hair. Whether it’s curling or straightening, Remy can be used in so many ways – just watch out for heat damage! We recommend always using a heat protector just to be on the safe side.
A lot of misconception with fiber hair means that many assume it can’t be styled with heat, which is far from the truth. If you’re someone who’s put off from the term ‘heat resistant’, don’t be! Considered the ‘Gold Standard’ of fibre hair, our Futura Fibre can be styled with heat just as many times as Remy hair, with a maximum temperature of 180°.
Winner: Remember, all our Futura Fibre hair is heat resistant! Let’s call it a draw.
  1. Cost
Our Russian Remy hair is produced form large raw bundles of human hair, usually from once source or donor. It’s carefully processed with dye to achieve the desired colours and has its cuticle intact, so it runs in the same direction are your own hair, allowing a smooth and silky finish. It’s because of this lengthy process that Remy costs a little bit more than our Futura Fibre, but with our kind of quality, it’s more than worth it! Our Remy hair can also last up to two years if looked after properly, so even if you feel like you’ve indulged after buying our clip ins, the longevity of them means that you’ll be making the most of your money.
If you’re looking to be bouji on a budget, on the other hand, you’re likely to purchase some of our Futura Fibre hair, which is amazing in that it’s quality and yet super affordable. Because it’s made up of synthetic fibres, it usually doesn’t last as long as human hair. But, if you’re looking for a quick upgrade or want to rock an instant ponytail for your weekend wardrobe, Futura Fibre is perfect for you!
Winner: An instant sleek ponytail, for £25?! Premium Futura Fibre is a steal and wins this round hands down.
  1. Styling
Just like you would with your own hair, our Remy extensions can be styled in any way, easily and without hassle – just make sure you’re smart with where you’re clipping them in! Again, unlike Remy hair, a lot of people suggest that fibre hair can’t be styled in the same way, but don’t listen to them! There’s a lot of misconception about what you can do with synthetic fibres. However, with our Futura Fibre, not only can you use heat, but you can also change the texture in other ways, too. Fibre hair has been used by Drag Queens for decades, so it makes sense that they have all their own tips and secrets on how to make it look amazing! @onlinekyne shows us how to create spiral curls on synthetic wigs with curl-holders and a steamer, as well as creating Naomi-inspired straight locks with the boiling-water method in his videos. While we have to throw in a disclaimer that we don’t recommend doing this if you’re just starting out with hair extensions, these DIY techniques can give you a completely different look instantly.
Winner: Since we’re still learning tips and tricks on how to change Futura Fibre styles, it’s a close draw, but Remy hair wins this round!
  1. Maintenance
Earlier we mentioned that the longevity of our Remy hair generally depends on maintenance and how you take care of it, whether it’s washing and restyling frequently, or protecting the hair and giving it deep conditions every month.
But what about Futura Fibre? One of the pros of synthetic hair is that it doesn’t need the regular up-keep of human hair, which needs to be maintained and re-styled frequently. With synthetic hair, we advise to use a dry shampoo, not only does it refresh your hair, but it also gets rid of any shine, creating a more natural look. It’s low maintenance but by no means low quality!
Winner: Futura Fibre for the win!
Overall Winner: Futura Fiber Hair
With its versatility, low maintenance and quality with affordability, we have to name Futura Fiber as our winner. If you’ve been wondering about fiber hair, this is your sign to make that purchase, you won’t be disappointed!
We hope that answers any questions you may have about the quality of our hair and styling any of our products! Shop our latest Anime-inspired CosXslay collection here and follow us on Instagram for more inspo.


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