Is your hair real human hair?

Hair extensions from both our Foundation and Naked collections are made from real human hair. Hair from our Baseline and Baseline Plus collections are made with high grade Futura Fiber. For more on hair and hair types, please refer to our Everything Hair News blog. 

What is Remy hair?

Remy Hair is real human hair that has been treated for your satisfaction to provide colour or texture with the cuticle intact. Remy Hair runs in the same direction. For more information on Remy Hair please refer to our Everything Hair News blog.

How can I measure the length of the hair I want?

Please refer to our measuring chart found in our Everything Hair News blog.

Can the hair be straightened and curled with a heat iron?

Our Foundation and Naked collections are 100% heat resistant which means these collections can be styled with all heat appliances such as straighteners or curling tongs up to 230°C degrees. Our Baseline and Base plus collections are partly heat resistant up to 180°C degrees. We recommend you use a low heat setting when applying heat to this collection. 

Can I dye the hair?

Yes. Our Foundation and Naked collections can be lightened or darkened with hair dye. We advise that this process is carried out by an experienced hair colourist. 

How long does the hair last?

Hair durations vary and are dependent on how well the hair is cared for and maintained. We provide a 1 year satisfaction guarantee on both our Foundation and Naked collections. Hair from these collections can last up to 18 months before you may begin to see signs of long term usage such as shredding. 

Our Baseline and Baseline plus collections will last for around 8-12 weeks.  

How do I care for the hair? 

Please refer to our Haircare page. This link can be found at the bottom of our website. 

What products would you recommend I use for maintenance? 

Dry shampoo, hair extension shampoo, leave in the conditioner and heat protectant are all great products that you can use when caring and maintaining your hair extensions. These products can be picked up at most local drug or beauty stores. We recommend to use a minimum amount of product when using hair extensions to prevent greasiness, crunchiness or damage. 

How many clip ins/tape wefts would I need for my whole head?

This would depend on the size of your head and the fullness you desire. We recommend 150 grams of hair for a full head with clip ins or skin wefts. For hair weight/measurement sizes please refer to our Everything Hair News blog.

What hair lengths do you offer?

Our hair lengths vary depending upon the collection. Our Foundation collection we offer lengths 20, 22 and 24 inches Our Naked collection we offer lengths 8, 10 and 12 inches Our Baseline and Baseline plus collections offer varied lengths between 20 and 40 inches.