Summer Hair Hacks | In Partnership with Batiste

Summer Hair Hacks | In Partnership with Batiste
Finally, the sun is back! From staycations to sunbathing in our gardens, we’ve been basking in the recent hot weather, soaking in some well-needed Vitamin D. Though the weather’s been an amazing alternative to the cold and grey skies we’re used to here in the UK, as the heatwave sends temperatures soaring, it’s still important to note that it has an impact on our hair; those with curls in the hot and humid climate will find themselves fighting dry and brittle strands, while those with straight locks may find their strands going limp with the heat. So, don’t let the hot weather ruin your summer look! To help combat the effects of summer heat on your hair, we’ve partnered with Batiste, the global dry shampoo brand for an exclusive giveaway, letting you fulfil your hot girl summer goals whilst combatting frizz and dryness.
Read on to find out how Batiste dry shampoo can save your locks this season:
Fight Flat Hair!
Whether you have 2a or 4c hair, the humidity of UK weather can seem to suck the volume out of your hair, leaving it limp and lifeless. Now, imagine combatting that without having to wash and blow-dry your hair all over again – say hello to Batiste dry shampoo. The go-to for those juggling work and play, Batiste dry shampoo is a quick fix for hair that’s been dragged down by intense summer heat. This product is especially great for those with clip-in extensions, as it allows you to refresh your look without taking out the hair you’ve spent hours installing, minimising grease and oils whilst adding volume. Simply keep a mini bottle in your handbag and lightly spritz the roots throughout the day, brushing it up into your hair to absorb excess oil.
Taming Frizz!

When it comes to hot weather, it’s all about the preparation. Typically, the curlier your hair is, the more prone you are to hot weather drying it out. So, for those with 4c hair, Batiste has a unique dry conditioner; a combination of both dry shampoo and conditioning formula that instantly softens and refreshes your hair without stripping it of any moisture, perfect for maintaining that curl pattern! Why not complete the look with our ‘Kinky Coily’ extensions for added volume. 


Keep it Cool!


If you can’t handle flowing locks in summer heat, don’t fret! Ponytails not only give you instant glamour, but they also keep your neck fresh and cool. At PLS London, all the hair in our ponytail range is premium grade Futura Fibre, which means it’s both soft and heat resistant. To install them, simply brush your hair up into a bun and attach the ponytail, using a light serum to keep your pony slick and free of any heat-induced flyaways. If you’re looking to switch up your look and explore our extensive ponytail colour range, don’t worry about any white residue that can come from dry shampoo. Batiste comes in different shades, from Blonde to Dark, allowing you to experiment with your style whilst keeping cool.


Refresh and Set!


Rocking frontals in summertime can be tough, from ensuring the wig is properly installed to maintaining your own hair underneath – it’s worth it for the glam look, though! For those wearing wigs this summer, don’t worry we’ve got you. Our frontal wigs, like the ‘Nomié’ above, is best installed over braids, and just like any hairstyle kept for a time, this can lead to build up and cause itchiness. To avoid that, use the Batiste dry shampoo in Bare, a non-scented formula that’ll allow you to keep your protective style free from build-up and fresh throughout the day. 

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