Get The Love Island Look

Get The Love Island Look

[Left to right: Liberty, Sharon, Kaz, Faye, Chloe and Shannon]

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Love Island’s finally returned to our screens, and you know what that means. From the glowing, bronzed skin, tiny bikinis and more importantly, well-groomed locks, romance was far from our minds when we saw the first contestants enter the villa!


The girls – who include 'fashion blogger' Kaz, 'waitress/marketing student' Liberty, 'lettings manager' Faye, 'model' Shannon, and 'operations lead for the UK Department of Transport working on EU exit policy' Sharon – all made their entrance this week to the joy of viewers everywhere, clad in luxury extensions and glam outfits.


It’s no wonder then, why the girls have already gone viral for their hairstyles and beauty secrets. Kaz in particular, went viral on twitter for openly wearing bonnets in the villa, with users commenting, “I LOVE Kaz and how she had the bonnet to match the cute pjs! My QUEEN”, another added, “Seeing Kaz with the coordinated matching pink bonnet made me smile she’s so cute”. Protecting your hair and making it fashion? We love to see it! The satin style is perfect for those protecting their natural hair and helps minimise split ends and reduces friction – great for anyone preventing breakage or maintaining a plsLONDON wig unit ✨


Whether it’s the hair, the glam looks or cheeky banter, the ladies of this year’s Love Island have firmly made their mark and continue to be the hot topic across social media – with huge brands like Pretty Little Thing, Missguided rumoured to have offered them sponsorships already!


To celebrate the return of Love Island on our screens, we’ve created a list of dupes of the ladies’ hairstyles with our Futura Fibre clip-ins for you to get the Love Island look. All our Futura Fibre hair products are affordable, premium quality and heat-resistant, letting you achieve any look you want. So, scroll down and find your perfect match today! 

 Kaz Kamwi



Kaz has become a firm favourite for her laidback attitude and honest show of wearing her bonnet on camera. The Essex-born marketing guru also makes history as the first Love Islander to go in with a sponsored wig unit provided by a black-owned brand. Get Kaz’s sleek ebony locks with our 12-piece clip-ins in ‘Espresso’.


Liberty Poole


With her luscious blonde curls, Liberty became a viral sensation when she asked, “is she blonde?!”, after Chloe Borrows entered the villa. Clearly wanting to remain the only Blonde Bombshell on the show, Liberty’s frequent style includes perfectly curled locks. To get the look, try our pre-curled Fibre Luxe clip-in extensions in ‘Dusty Blonde’ for instant blonde ambition. 


Sharon Gaffka


Unlike most of her fellow contestants, Sharon’s hair is considerably shorter than the other girls, framing her face and giving her a cute natural-glam look. The wavy fob is falls just below her shoulders and is usually seen tousled to perfection. Get Sharon’s look with our wavy synthetic clip-in extensions in ‘Copper’ for an easy yet affordable ‘do.


Faye Winter


Faye’s already russled feathers in the villa with her fiery comebacks and tension with fellow contestant and love-rival Chloe. Preferring a mature style, Faye’s hair is layered to perfection and sleeked with sleek with blonde and brown highlights. Why not try our 12-piece Futura Fibre clip-ins in ‘Swedish Bayalage’ for an instant upgrade.   


 Chloe Burrows



Chloe’s another babe who prides herself on her blonde mane. The saucy singleton wears her hair curled with prominent brown roots. We already know that the Love Islander boys are obsessed with ‘blondes’; becoming a running joke for fans of the series that blonde hair is their ‘type’ every season. Get Chloe’s look with our Fibre Luxe clip-ins in ‘Golden Blonde’ now!


Shannon Singh

As the first contestant to be booted from the island, we didn’t really get a chance to see much of Shannon, but fans quickly became obsessed with her glam looks! From her figure to her long, brown locks, she was tipped as the Love Island ‘bombshell’, which made her quit exit from the series all the more surprising. She may be gone, but we’ll always remember her slay! To get Shannon’s look, simply clip-in our Futura Fibre extensions in ‘S/Cinnamon’.


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