What's My Hair Type?

What's My Hair Type?
At plsLONDON, we love celebrating differences. From shape and skin tone to backgrounds and religions, our individual traits make us who we are and that’s why it’s so important to highlight them! Hair type is a relatively new guide in western media. Until as recent as the 90s, you were either defined as having tight curls, loose waves, or straight hair - forget any in-betweens. Thankfully, thirty years ago, Oprah’s hair stylist Andre Walker created his ‘Hair Typing System’ ranging from 1A to 4C hair, which has developed into the curl pattern chart we know and swear by today. Since then, it’s allowed those in the hair industry to help women find products suiting their type and has been fundamental in creating awareness for curl pattern knowledge.
We love the hair type chart, not only because it lets you understand your curl pattern; what methods works and what doesn’t, but you’ll also be able to choose products that will suit and blend in with your natural hair. That’s why we’ve created a guide on how to identify your curls alongside our hair extensions, suited from loose 1 and 2A to tightly curled 4C. Read on to match your curl pattern and find the perfect pls fit today!


Hair Type 1 
Kylie Jenner
We’ve added the ‘1’ hair type for those with minimal to no curl pattern. Worn by celebrities like Kylie Jenner, those with naturally straight hair tend to not need any substantial heat, but also need to ensure their hair is washed and free from any oils to keep a light and soft texture.
Those with this pattern would suit our ‘Straight Premium Fiber Clip In Hair’ for an easy, natural style.
  Hair Type 2A

Selena Gomez

The next loosest curl pattern on our chart, 2A hair is usually fine with a barely-there texture, and because of that it’s easy to straighten. Unlike other curl patterns, those with 2A should hold off using heavy leave in conditioner cremes if you’re going for a natural look. Instead, opt for a light-weight curl spray or mouse to hold and define your natural waves.

 Like many curl types, 2A is versatile – we recommend installing our ‘Russian Remy Cuticle Human Hair’ which can either be curled using a waving wand for your exact hair type or straightened for an additional look!


 Hair Type 2B  

Vanessa Hudgens

2B hair lies flatter at the crown with defined S-shaped waves starting from the midlength, like Vanessa Hudgens’ above. The strands are thicker than 2A, and you’ll need to prep the hair more if you want to straighten it. Again, like 2A, a lightweight spray will give you the ultimate surfer-babe waves, whilst maintaining and hydrating the loose curl pattern.

Those with 2B would suit our ‘Wavy Premium Fiber Clip In Hair’ which features a natural wave and can also be used with heat up to 180 degrees for style desired.


 Hair Type 2C 


2C waves are slightly thicker than 2B and more prone to frizz. The curls are also more defined and begin at the roots. Lorde is the perfect example of this hair type. We recommend using an enriching leave-in conditioner as well as a Denman brush to ensure your curls stay hydrated as well as defined.

Our ‘Fiber Luxe Hair’ comes in the classic-curl texture and is perfect for those with 2C hair.


 Hair Type 3A



Type 3 curly hair can range from loose, buoyant loops to tight, springy corkscrews which have some sheen but are prone to frizz.

 With large and loose curls, 3A hair strands, like Zendaya’s pictured here, tend to be shiny with large, loose curls that are about the size of a piece of sidewalk chalk like our 'Arabella Ponytail' To maintain the juicy curls, use a nourishing curl cream as your base and lock in the moisture with a conditioning spray for long-lasting curls.


Hair Type 3B 

Halle Berry

Hair type 3Bs have springy ringlets with a circumference like a pen. Like most hair types, 3B hair is beautiful but can also become dry quickly, so go for styling gels that are water-based and have humectants in them to lock moisture in the strands. Apply it when wet for the best outcome! For an easy updo, why not slick it up and attach our ‘Sasha Ponytail’.


 Hair Type 3C


Nathalie Emmanuel

3C curls are tight corkscrews that range in circumference from a straw to a pencil, like you see her on Nathalie Emmanuel. The hair is densely packed together, for full curls with lots of natural volume. Similar to 3B, fizziness can be an issue with this type, especially if you’re based in the UK with additional humidity. To combat this, use a creamy co-wash instead of shampoo to avoid drying out your hair, alongside a curling gel and leave in conditioner.


Hair Type 4A 

Skai Jackson

Type 4 Coily hair can be fine or coarse, with densely packed coils. Coily hair may seem strong, but it’s actually the most fragile hair texture because it has the fewest cuticle layers to protect it from dryness. Maintaining moisture, counteracting shrinkage, and avoiding tangles is top priorities for those with type 4 hair types. People with hair type 4A have dense springy, S-patterned coils that are the circumference of a crochet needle such as Skai Jackson. If you're a fan of wash-and-go’s, styling should be done more frequently to keep the coily texture popping with soft strands. A curling cream with a leave-in moisturizer is a must for adding more moisture and maintaining hydration.

Our ‘Sade Pony’ in the Kinky Soft Afro texture is perfect for those with 4A curls. Simply blow dry your natural hair for a seamless look and attach it to your bun for the desired look.



Hair Type 4B



With 4B hair, the curl is tighter and less defined, so styling cremes will be the go-to. Curling creams are great for this hair type because they’re thicker and are great for palm-rolling or shingling, two types of curly hair methods that define your curls and clump them for greater texture and elongation. Whether you’d like even more fullness or added length, our ‘Coily-Kinky Virgin Hair’ is perfect for those with 4C curls. Considered the highest quality of extensions on the market, they can last up to 2 years if properly maintained and provide instant glamour.



 Hair Type 4C 

Lupita Nyong'o

Similar to 4B hair, 4C is curlier with less definition and more shrinkage. The tightly coiled strands ranges from super fine, thin and soft to wiry and thick. It’s also very delicate and needs added steps to ensure there’s no dryness or breakage. Be sure to use enough leave-in moisturizer to max the length of your curls. Castor oil is also a great hydrator and sealant for 4C texture.

Again, we’d recommend our Coily Kinky Virgin Hair’ for this hair type for added length or simply to add fullness.


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