Hair Extensions | A Beginners Bible

Hair Extensions | A Beginners Bible

Confused about hair? Unsure of the various many different types of hair there is out there. Haven’t got a clue as to where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve been there and can totally empathise with you!  We understand that searching for the right hair can be a daunting experience but, fear not, our quick 5 minutes of 'Everything hair’ should alleviate the stress. We promise to have you fully up to speed on the need to know when it comes to hair and extensions. 

Essentially, there are four main types of hair extensions manufactured and sold within the market today. These are Remy, Non-Remy, Virgin, and Synthetic hair (all known as fibre hair).

Remy Hair

Remy Hair is produced from large raw mixed bundles of human hair that has been collected from one source or donor. It is then carefully processed with dye to achieve the desired colour and straightened. 

As with natural human hair, Remy Hair has its cuticles intact to run in the same direction as your own natural hair would allowing for a more smooth and silky finish. Because of this, Remy Hair is considered to be Premium and of good quality. Once purchased, Remy Hair can be used multiple times and, if well maintained, Remy Hair can last up to 18 months.

Non-Remy Hair

Non- Remy Hair is produced from raw large mixed bundles of human hair which have been collected from a number of sources. It is then processed with dye to achieve the desired colour and straightened. Non-Remy Hair cuticles are intact however, they flow in opposite directions which can cause the hair to become easily tangled therefore can be challenging to manage. Non-Remy Hair will typically last for around 3-6 months depending upon regular upkeep and maintenance. 

Virgin Hair

Virgin Hair is hair that has been typically sourced from one donor and has been processed for hygiene purposes only. Virgin hair has never been treated or chemically processed. This hair is also known as ‘raw’ or ‘naked’ hair and is considered to be of the highest quality of human hair extensions sold within the market. Virgin Hair can last up to 2 years if it stays in its untreated condition and is regularly maintained.

Fibre Hair

Fibre Hair (aka synthetic hair or artificial hair) are synthetic fibres made from various materials which are then processed to produce a product that appears real, however, is not made up of human hair but made up of man-made fibres. This type of hair will not last as long as human hair and has varying shelf lives depending on the type of fibre used. 
There are four types of fibre hair sold within the market today. Polypropylene fibre, which is used mainly for braiding hair will last no time at all and doesn’t hold its shape very well. Applying heat to this type of fibre will melt the materials. 
Toyokalon fibre, also used for braids and crochet patterns. This fibre does offer a better shape, however, is prone to melting once the heat is applied.
Kanekalon fibre is softer and far lighter than Toyokalon fibre and can be manipulated to withstand some heat.
Shapeshifter fibre is a premium fibre, created to be an affordable alternative to human hair. Shapeshifter fibre can withstand mid-heat temperatures and can last for around 2 months if care is taken.
Last and, by no means least is Futura fibre. The latest craze to hit the market, Futura fibre is considered to be the gold standard of fibre hair. Heat resistance up to 180 degrees (some materials can withstand temperatures even higher)




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