"Hair We GO" | A Guide To Hair Types & Textures

"Hair We GO" | A Guide To Hair Types & Textures

What's my Hair Type? 

We are all from varied backgrounds therefore are all different. From skin color to ethnicity, no one group is copied. The same applies to hair. We all have different textures that are normal down to genetics.  

The chart below should be useful to you in discovering your hair type. This will allow you to find a hair extension product that is personalized to you, giving you a far better natural-looking match to your own hair.  

For example, a person who is of Afro Caribbean or African descent is more likely to have tightly coliy hair. Or hair type 4A-4C whereas, someone who is maybe from Eastern Europe might be closer to a 1 to 2B. 


How do I find the Right Length and Weight of Hair? 

Hair extensions come in all different lengths and weights. It is up to you to choose your desired length and weight of the hair you want. 

It's important to understand how the length of hair is measured as this slightly differs (as you can imagine) with straight and curly hair. The images below should help you understand how an accurate measurement is taken for both straight and curly hair extensions.   

Weight of hair can be a little tricky to determine as this is usually down to a person head shape (larger than average, average or small) and, also down to the density a person would like (density is a posh word for thickness). 

The average head size would normally need around 150grams of hair to complete a full head. Some people want to add a little body to their natural hair and feel they can complete this look with 100g of hair whilst others wish for a much fuller look and will likely want 200g or more added to their natural hair. This is really about personal preference. A great start if you're a beginner would be 100g of hair. You can always build up from here.   


  Can I use heat on Fibre Hair? 

The short answer to this is no.

Most Fibre high isn't heat resistant and by using hot irons or hair straighteners will likely damage or melt the hair. However, in recent years, Futura Fibre Hair has now hit the market. This type of Fibre hair, the only type of Fibre hair we stock can be used with heat up to 180 degrees. Futura Fibre hair is here to stay and likely to grow to become a BIG DEAL in the hair extension world. 


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