Selling Sunset: How to be a Boss B*tch

Selling Sunset: How to be a Boss B*tch
Star of the hit Netflix series Selling Sunset, Christine Quinn is known for bringing the drama and glamour in excess. The 33-year-old realtor has just released a book entitled How To Be A Boss B*tch, and if her real estate success and undeniable style moments are anything to go by, this is sure to be on our must-read list this summer.
Best known for her extravagant looks, platinum hair extensions and sharp business mind, she also always manages to keep it real. In season one she claimed, “Nothing about me is fake except my boobs.” 
Famed for her comebacks and one-liners, her big personality has kept us hooked
Millions of viewers tune in to witness all of the drama, wealth and gorgeous properties. Many are also drawn in by Christine Quinn’s fashion choices. Her stylist Kat Gosik claims Christine is super hands-on when it comes to her style and like a true boss b*tch, she will never wear anything that she doesn't absolutely love. 

Following her exit from the show, we are taking a look at some of Christine Quinn’s greatest moments. From her iconic looks to her most outrageous statements, this boss b*tch will forever be our Selling Sunset star.
king off the list is this season 5 fashion moment. We are obsessed with her Barbie meets Carrie Bradshaw look. From the voluminous tulle skirt to the equally voluminous hair, this look brings glam, camp and iconic all in one fell swoop. 
Her cutesy accessories compliment this outfit perfectly. Vintage frame shades in baby pink of course, pastel platforms and sweet headband pull this ensemble together. 
We are pretty sure that only Christine Quinn could pull this off but if you see us digging out our old ballet uniform, mind your business! 
Christine married her husband, Christian Richard, in the Selling Sunset season three finale. Never afraid to do things a little differently, Christine wore a dramatic black gown instead of a classic white dress and it was a showstopper.
Fans have also grown fond of her jokes about her relationship with her husband. She once claimed that Christian dresses like an old man whereas she is always dressed to the nines. 
One of our favourite Christine Quinn quotes came as she described her habit for buying designer handbags with her husband’s credit card whilst he is asleep. She said, “Some call it fraud, I call it love.”
When you’re Christin Quinn, all practicality goes out of the window, after all who needs a handbag that actually carries anything anyway? 
This french fry bag is everything, encrusted with diamonds and probably big enough to hold a lipstick, it brings all of the fun and eccentric energy to her look. 
Fast-food accessories aside, let's take a much needed moment to appreciate her glam. Her perfect pink eye makeup coordinates with her accessories and we've been hunting for the details on this lip combo ever since. When it comes to hair, a simple pony just wouldn't be enough. Her sleek and voluminous ponytail is complete with crystal accents to add even more drama to her look. 
We are definitely adding crystals to all of our hairstyles from now on.
One of our favourite looks from season 5 was this back-to-office ensemble that demands boss b*tch attention. 
One of Christine’s simpler and chicer looks, her business attire is as cool as you could expect. The pinstriped waistcoat and YSL tie give the perfect working girl vibe whilst her more eccentric accessories add a touch of diva. 
From the Louis Vuitton LED light-up bag to her perfectly polished red lip, Christine knows how to command attention and is usually at the centre of the drama. 
When she said, "I'm so tired of talking about everyone else's issues. Now, can we just focus on me?" We couldn't help but admire her undeniable confidence. We could all use a little bit of Christine Quinn energy from time to time.
Monochrome doesn't have to be boring. Take notes from Christine’s style file with this all red look that looks simply red hot!
This fun and super extra look is just what we would expect from Christine. Her chic two piece is perfectly paired with dramatic platforms, a lunch box bag, gloves and the star of the show, that two-toned fur coat. 
This look is a real head-turner and as C. Quinn once said, “I don’t give a sh*t what any of these people say about me.” She certainly is not afraid of making a statement.


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