It's our B-day: Celebrating our 1st Anniversary!

It's our B-day: Celebrating our 1st Anniversary!
This time last year in the Spring of 2020 and in the height of the pandemic, three women came together with one central idea; to create a UK based affordable hair extension and wig brand that celebrated and embraced inclusivity, offered freedom of expression, instilled confidence through creativity and provided plenty of product choice to customers who needed it, something that no other hair brand really offered at the time. 
Those three women were mother-daughter trio Rachael, Amiyah and Eleanor, and that brand eventually became known as plsLONDON! 
It’s amazing to think that at this time last year, plsLONDON made its debut on Instagram and started to pick up its first few followers.
Now, fast forward to 2021 and they’re 10’000 of you!
We feel fortunate to have worked with over 100 content creators from all over Europe and to have been featured and endorsed by some of the biggest beauty publications such as Glamour magazine, Black Beauty & Hair, Tyla and Stylist just to name a few.
We are so happy that our brand and its products have been received so well by our customers and have gained recognition within the industry. 
To celebrate the anniversary of our launch and to reflect on just how far we’ve come, we’re dedicating this blog post to YOU – from our customers who’ve allowed us to reach milestones, to the top influencers, our #slaylondon kings and queens who’ve continue to promote and support our brand. We want to say a huge THANK-YOU. We wouldn’t have made it without you. There are too many names to mention individually but, we wanted to thank and highlight some of you that have gone that extra mile and showed us so much love. 




(Wears The Ky-Li in Periwinkle)

With a unique style and no fear of switching things up, Leonie has worn and slayed everything from our popular ponytails to our Ky-Li lace frontal. As she’s worn so many of our styles and created banging content for all of them, we want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Leonie for her support and for taking the time to make quality content! Leonie’s Instagram is both beauty and lifestyle-based so we’re super grateful she agreed to be one of our slay ambassadors and showcase our hair products! 💗


(Wears the Lola Pony in Onyx)

Èmilie has amassed over 300K on TikTok alone, and we can’t say we’re surprised! With her beautiful inclusive makeup artistry and versatile looks, she’s quickly built up a following based on skill and talent, which is why we wanted her to support our brand originally. Although she’s an MUA, she’s managed to create unique content for us wherein our plsLONDON products have matched her style and vice versa, making for a perfect collaboration. She’s worn some of our more popular looks like the ‘Sade’ ponytail and rocked it! We want to say a HUGE thank you to Èmilie for supporting us as a new and upcoming brand, and for creating some incredible content - we can’t wait to see you in your next plsLONDON look 🔥



(Wears The Anna Bob in Aqua)

Kerry Patricia who really puts the C into creativity as she magically transitions herself into amazing folktale like characters ✨👩🏻‍🎤.
Kerry skills as a self taught MUA are endless, seen most recently in her 100 days of makeup campaign.
Kerry supported the brand early on and created several looks wearing our number one best selling wig, The Anna Bob.



(Wears The Nikki Bang in Burgundy)

A genuine fan of our brand, Melandra was an early adopter of plsLONDON and had already purchased a few of our products Melandra’s love of our products came naturally. We continue to throughly enjoy watching her transformation content on Tiktok ❤️‍🔥.


 (Wears the Nikki Bang in Pink Lemonade)
It’s no wonder why we chose Flo Guan to support us as one of our slayers, with her anime-inspired style and ‘kawaii’-themed Instagram feed, she represents a lot of the creativity we embody in our products. Flo Guan has rocked everything from our Nikki bang wig to our two-tone blue ‘Luna’ frontal, styling them in her unique way every time. With a following of over 228K, the London-based influencer continues to push boundaries and reject mainstream fashion for her own unique style - we love that for her! Thank you Flo Guan for supporting us and we can’t wait to see you wearing your next plsLONDON wig 😍
We’d love to be able to give shout outs to every single one of our customers, as we’ve made it to one year because of all of you! We’ve accomplished so much in a short space of time and all thanks to our supporters and slayers. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store, so stay tuned and follow us @plshair_london for all future updates! 🖤




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