Winter In Coming

Winter In Coming
It’s hard to believe that the UK summer season is coming to an end and boy didn’t that go fast? I mean, what happened to the heatwave we were promised in August? Two weeks of glorious sunshine, upto 35 degrees of daily heat???
Well it's safe to say that the great British weather is indeed truly unpredictable! 
So, winter weaves and wigs are coming. Autumn is standing right outside the front door and, do you know what? I think will let her right in.
So what looks can we expect to see this season? 
(Beyonce for Harpers Bazaar 21)
Queen B, AKA Beyoncé sets the bar high this season as she slays the Autumn cover of Harper’s Bazaar looking as fabulous and regal as ever. 
The Queen of pop gave an up-close and personal interview to the magazine this month in which she talked about her mother's hair salon when growing up and said: "I've seen how much Black women's emotions are attached to our hair and beauty." We couldn’t agree with her more. In celebration of the top wig slayer herself, we are pleased to confirm that this season we will be introducing a new signature lace frontal line all around Queen B.
Look out for the ‘B-line in the coming weeks. Pre-order is advised as we predict a sellout! 
(Lizzo and Cardi B Rumors Music Video)
If you haven’t seen it already then you’re way late… So Cardi B and Lizzo recently collaborated for Cardi’s latest single. We’re not sure it really worked and to be honest, to us at least, it looked more like something out of ‘Coming to America’!
Either way, we are IN LOVE with Lizzo right now and her forever-changing hairstyles and freedom of expression.

 You can see from her Instagram page @lizzobeeating that recently, the star has been wearing afro kinky clip-in hair extensions to add to her natural look. As more and more women of colour embrace their natural afro look, our kinky hair from the Naked Range is predicted to be a big hit this season.  


 (Khloe Kardashian) 


Khloe Kardashian has been making all the headlines recently and, thank God for all the right reasons! The ‘all in’ Kardashian is finally coming into her own and really standing out, way out from her media-grabbing spotlight sisters. Khloe’s dusty blonde, long extensions in both straight and water waves are bound to make a big splash this season too. And yes, you guessed it, will be introducing a similar line that will be totally affordable and easy to apply to recreate this celebrity look in time for Autumn.


 (Nikki Dragun)


Nikita Dragun slays coloured frontals like no other. We love her and just cannot get enough. She never disappoints and always hits right first time. Another icon in the lace frontal wearers, Nikita keeps us guessing. its fair to say that she doesn't stick to one particular look. We cannot yet decided what recreation to make around her. But, definitely feel she needs to be honoured. Any suggestions? Please, do drop us a line. Give us a DM on Instagram. We're totally open to suggestions. 

We’re certain that Nikita Dragun will be dropping some new products in her makeup line Dragun Beauty to coincide with fall in the US this season. And, as per usual, she’ll have the wigs to match. 



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