The Best Hair Trends for 2021

The Best Hair Trends for 2021
Let’s be honest, we’re all looking forward to this year drawing to a close (We won’t miss you 2020). It’s all about moving forward, not just on to A New Year, but onto a new and improved you. And what’s the best way to celebrate a new beginning? A new look, of course! At plsLONDON we know how much a new hairstyle can be immediately uplifting, giving you a well-deserved instant glow up.
And that’s exactly why we’ve compiled our Top 5 Hair Trends for 2021, to showcase new and upcoming trends, from colours to haircuts. So, keep scrolling and make sure to check out our hair range to get the look!
  1. Pixie Cuts
Angela Weiss
[Top to bottom: Angela Weiss/ Contributor, Getty Images, Instagram/@KylieJenner
 It’s no wonder that bobs and pixie cuts have been the most requested hairstyle during quarantine. From stress-related hair loss, to ever-changing circumstances, there’s so many reasons why women are doing the Big Chop now more than ever before.
We know the style’s a little intimidating, but it’s also freeing and if done correctly can frame any face shape in a flattering way. And don’t think of it as limiting! We’re predicting alternative pixie cuts for 2021, think slicked waves, sharp edges and layered fringes.
Not sure on the Big Chop? Don’t worry girl, we’ve got you! Get our ‘Virgin Afro Hair’, simply install, straighten and style for a natural, easy pixie.
  1. Ponytails Galore
[Top to Bottom: Steve Granit/ Contributor, plshair, Instagram/@MollyMaehague]
Ponytails are the perfect style for any go-getter. Simple and easy to achieve, it’s no wonder why we’ve listed it as our 2nd top trend for 2021.
A famous staple for artist Ariana Grande, who recently admitted to consistently wearing ponytails due to heat damage, the glamorous style can turn any look into total sophistication. More recently, we’ve seen a huge wave of slicked fringe ponytails, inspired by 90’s supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks and now made popular by celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Rita Ora.
Whether sleek and long, crimped and wavy, we’re also predicting braided ponytails to become an even bigger craze in the new year. Made popular by the Kardashians, the ultra-long braid can add instant glam for any look and can be achieved by simply adding on our ‘Mila Pony’ to a high or low bun.
  1. 2000’s Highlights
[Top to Bottom: Beyonce Instagram/@Kyliejenner, Instagram/@BillieEilish, 
Early 2000s trends have been a trend staple for a while now; from Juicy Couture tracksuits, to low-cut jeans and button-down tops. It’s also meant that old-school beauty trends have come back in style, too, notably the obsession with chunky highlights.
Unlike the perfected and filtered locks of today, this highlight trend means contrasting colours (think Christina Aguilera’s ice-blond and black hair from ‘Dirrty’), mostly two-tone, and focusing on the front to frame your face.
Revamped by Gen-Z’s E-Girls and made evermore popular by trend-setter Kylie Jenner, chunky highlights have firmly come back in style and are here to stay for 2021.
Try our clip-in ‘Popsicle Pack’ hair for instant early 2000s glam.
  1. The Modern Mullet
[Top to Bottom: Cara Delevingne, Instagram/@LittleMix, Samir Hussein/ Contributor]
The Mullet has a bad rep. What started off as the coolest trend of 1980s has typically been remembered as cheesy and made fun of in throwback photos of greasy, ill-cut hair.
More recently, its image has been revamped and modernised by the trendsetters of today in a bold and fresh way, from Cara Delevingne, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and most importantly, Rihanna.
The multifaceted Bajan star has rocked the Mullet as far back as 2013, and has shown her love for the hairstyle by giving her Savage x Fenty models Mullet haircuts in her show back in September of this year – who said Mullets can’t be sexy?
Labelled as a ‘Quarantine Trend we didn’t see coming’, we recommend styling any of our ‘Anna Bob’ wigs for this trend, or if you’ve already done the Big Chop, simply attach some clip ins and cut as desired for an instant RiRi-approved look.
  1. Rainbow Wigs

[Top to bottom: Instagram/@theestallion, plshair, Instagram/@KimKardashian] 

If 2020’s taught us anything, it’s reminded us that YOLO. So, if chunky highlights and haircuts aren’t daring enough for you, jump on the Rainbow-coloured wig trend to make a mark in 2021.


A favourite of artists like Megan Thee Stallion and Kim Kardashian, who’s famously sported colours from mint-green to baby pink in the past, brightly coloured wigs have come a long way from its origins (Lil Kim famously sported four different coloured wigs in her 1997 ‘Crush on You’ music video). Fast-forward to 2020 and wigs of all types and colours have taken centre stage in the hair industry.

The best part about bright colours is that there’s no rule book. Once you leave behind the typical browns and blonde hues, you’re free to slay any tone, whether it be a bright red or an electric blue, the options are endless – just make sure it doesn’t clash with your outfit!

We’re expecting wigs to become even more mainstream in 2021, so get the look now with our ‘Kym Ombre’ lace-front wig. For something shorter, you can also try our ‘Anna Bob’ Lace Frontal.


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