Yes, it's that time again. Another period of the dreaded lockdown!
This time, the UK government has ordered a mandatory lockdown to everyone residing in England for a period of 4 weeks which will be reviewed on December 2nd.
Whilst this can be a eyes roll back to head a moment, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Besides, plsLONDON was setup during the first lockdown period back in April of this year. During this period, we all learned how to cope with our hair without our stylists. We began to get creative at home.

We watched our favorite Youtubers create various celebrity looks and began to copy them. 

Female Hair and Beauty Treatments 

Did you know that the average cost of hair and beauty treatments at salons is significantly higher for women than men in the UK? And, according to Statista, women dying their hair at salons is the most requested service and the most expensive too! 

Let’s try and save some $$$ over the next month and learn how to DIY it at home ourselves. 

Celebrities DIY Hair

We all witnessed Eva Longoria’s YouTube video go viral for L’Oreal during the first lockdown.

The star of Desperate Housewives successfully used at-home hair dye to cover her grey hairs. The internet loved it and, as a result, more and more people began to feel more confident in practicing themselves and their households. 

Let us start easy!

One of the easiest hairstyles to learn and master is the clip in pony!

Instagram has gone “pony crazy” of late thanks to the likes of Ariana Grande and Zendaya just to name a few celebs who have been rocking long, full attached ponytails to their own natural hair instantly giving them a red carpet look. 

The clip-in ponytail is the fastest way to go from grim to glam in just a few minutes. Often requiring no additional help. 

Feeling a little more confident? 



Okay, so let's up the ante.

A ponytail might be too easy for you. Perhaps you really want to learn how to master the Lace Frontal Wig? Okay, why not? 4 weeks in more than enough time to slay down a lace-front. Here’s a short but, great tutorial from one of our ambassadors. Watch out for Emilie’s makeup trick. This is a great way to disguise the lace. 

So what bits will you need? Got to be glue, a mirror, perhaps a hairdryer and you’ll need a wig cap. If your natural hair is really very thick and full that perhaps you may need to weave your own hair back to insure a ‘flat as a can be’ surface. Remember, only members of your household can assist you.

Go on, give it a try. We’d love for you to share your best attempts with so please do tag us on your videos #plslockdownchallenge where will be sharing the best ones. 

Good luck and stay safe!  


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