Our Story| How It Started

 plsLONDON was set up by a mother and daughter trio during the COVID19 lockdown in the Spring of 2020. A period when the whole world stopped and citizens were confined to their homes for several months. If you wanted to look good during the Summer months of lockdown, you had no choice but to learn how to carry out professional beauty services on your own.

All three would regularly spend time together grooming each other's nails and hair which included adding and removing extensions. They believed that if they could be self-taught within such a short space of time, then why couldn’t everyone else? 

Rachael’s (mum) experience of owning a past hair label made it easy to source great hair from across the globe. Amiyah’s background in fashion would provide insights into the latest looks and trends and Eleanor, being an ambassador for many leading online brands would lead the way in marketing and promotions. It was decided on May 2nd, 2020 that plsLONDON would be born. 

 “plsLONDON was created to promote inclusivity, freedom, confidence and choice. As a trio, we collectively hold 25 years of experience within the hair, fashion and beauty industry, not only as professionals but, also as consumers  too. This would really help us formulate products that we knew customers really wanted. 

Hair extensions and wigs are a great way to add that extra glam finish to any day or evening look. They have become the new fashion accessory of the past decade. As more and more people discover them through their favourite celebrities sporting brightly coloured hair, hair extensions have grown to become the must have, multi-use item on Instagram behind makeup.

My daughters and I wanted to create a platform where anyone (from veterans to first time users) could source hair that was suited to their taste and style, that was easily accessible and affordable, that didn't require the assistance of a hair stylist to apply and, most importantly, we wanted to create an inclusive social community of hair extensions and wigs lovers everywhere.

What makes us different, makes us beautiful #allhairtypes”.

Rachael Nsofor | Founder of plsLONDON