The Vision Behind The Brand | Our Story

plsLONDON was set up by a mother and daughter trio during lockdown in the Spring of 2020. Lets face it, lockdown did us all dirty. If we wanted to look good, we had no choice but to carry out professional styling on ourselves, including adding and removing extensions, a skill we learnt during this time spent at home. We decided if we were able to teach ourselves such skills in a short space of time, why couldn't everyone else?

Pandemic or not, we believe DIY hair should be less stress and more slay!

Rachael’s past experience owning a hair label, made it easy to source great hair from across the globe. Amiyah’s background in fashion has provided insights into the latest celebrity looks and trends and as an ambassador for many leading online brands, Eleanor would lead the way in social marketing and promotions. 

plsLONDON launched on Instagram in August 2020, and has been slaying ever since!

What makes us different, makes us beautiful #allhairtypes”.

Rachael Nsofor | Founder of plsLONDON