Galentines Edition: You can go and love yourself

Galentines Edition: You can go and love yourself
V-day is fast approaching and whilst it is often reserved as a day for celebrating romantic love and a holiday for couples, let’s face it, Valentine’s Day sucks for a lot of people. Here at plsLONDON, we are here to remind you that no matter your relationship status, the most important love around is the love you have for yourself and you should be your own Valentine every day!
In light of recent events, we have been thinking a lot about the importance of self-care and self-love and that no matter whether there is a significant other in your life or not, your girls will always have your back. The season of individual Boss Bit$ch is over! This is a season of collective female protection, empowerment and support if we all play our part.
We have compiled a list of ways to love yourself this Valentine's Day or to celebrate with friends and turn the holiday into a Galentine’s celebration. We've got your back sis!
Give yourself some TLC
Picture this, you’re at home, cancelled plans because it’s way too cold to be out, ordered sushi, opened a bottle of wine, took a bath and now you’re double masking ready to binge watch your fave show. You feel better just thinking about it, right? 
Scheduling time to take care of yourself is important. It can help reduce anxiety and stress levels and give you an opportunity to tune out of whatever may be going on. So relax, unwind and pamper!
The Sun & My Soul have the perfect self-care box to get you started. With everything from an affirmation crystal candle and self-love journal to pink gin truffles, what more could you want? 
If solo self-care is not your thing and you feel like you need a little company, why not get your girls together for a spa night. Crack open a bottle of prosecco and multi-mask to your heart's content!
Have a girls night out!
Has there ever been a better excuse to get glammed up and head out with your girls? 
Valentine’s Day doesn't have to be all about the couples, single gals can have their fun too. Going out for a fancy dinner and cocktails with your friends can be the perfect way to enjoy a solo V-day and show your friends how much you love them. 
You don’t have to be looking your best for anyone else but you. Spend some extra time on your hair and makeup and be sure you're really feeling yourself. You could even treat yourself to some sexy lingerie, even if you're the only one who will see it! 
Everybody knows that when you look good, you feel good. 
Throw on your best dress, heels (and wig) and impress yourself!  
 Top City Girl, Yung Miami turns up last night for "Miami Nights" slay her same look with our Rosé Lace Frontal Wig (Straight).
Do something you love 
If the idea of anything Valentine’s related fills you with dread, pass the holiday without acknowledging it by doing something you love that distracts from anything love centric. 
Think of your favourite hobby or activity. Whether it’s going to a concert, painting, working out or cooking your favourite food. Engaging in something you enjoy elevates your mood and boosts your energy.
So even if the dreaded V-day has you feeling low, turn it into a U-day! 
Make a habit of taking a day to yourself every now and then, invest in yourself and you will really notice a difference.  
Whether you journal on a reg or are a complete newbie, journaling is a great way to express yourself. Write down all of the things you love about yourself, you’ll be surprised with what you come up with! 
Take a moment to reflect and recognize that even if this day isn't the best, there are plenty of great things in life to feel good about. Whether it's your amazing friends, a dream job or even just perfect hair (you're welcome!).
This is also an opportunity to look ahead. Think about your goals and dreams and consider how you can achieve them. Visualize your best boss babe self and become her. 
There are loads of cute journal options out there too, they make the ideal bedside companion, no man needed here! 
Finally, a little retail therapy never hurts
Okay, so we know that not every problem can be solved with a credit card, but it definitely helps! 
Had your eye on a new bikini for your summer hols or some new clip-ins to update your look? What better time to gift yourself something cute. 
Instead of splurging on gifts for others, treat yourself to something new. From flowers to shoes and makeup to hair, the options are endless. Plus, forget first date jitters, who doesn’t love the butterflies you get when the postman arrives at the door with a parcel! 
Love the day or hate it, we are here for you this Valentine’s Day. So however you choose to celebrate (or not), we’re sending lots of love from everyone here at plsLONDON. 



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