The CosXSlay Line | Anime Looks at plsLONDON

The CosXSlay Line | Anime Looks at plsLONDON
January blues? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Our new product releases are bound to cheer you up. Freedom, confidence and choice is our ethos here at plsLONDON, so we wanted to create a wide range of bold and fresh colours to reflect that. In a time where most of us are dressing up with nowhere to go, we know how important it is to switch up your looks and keep up to date with the latest trends. Our new extensive range is just that; with five new products and a diverse shade-range, you’re bound to find the perfect fit!
(Top to Bottom: Deviant Art, Kylie Jenner)
At plsLONDON, we’ve talked about Anime and how its influenced everything from vibrant colours to extreme styles, so it’s only right we launch the Electra Pony, our 30-inch Ninja ponytail. Giving you Naruto’s Ino Yamanaka character vibes, the long sleek pony is designed to provide an extra glam finish to any look. At £25, the Electra Pony is both accessible and affordable, offering high quality and low maintenance with our Premium Fibre Hair. It also comes in variety of shades, from Swedish Balayage, a mixture of blonde shades, Espresso, a rich coffee-black, and Pecan, a warm chocolate-brown.
Model wears: Platinum
(Top to Bottom: Amelia Monet, Rihanna)
Like all of our Premium Futura Fibre ponies, The Lola Pony is a quick and easy way to add glamour for any occasion. Simply attach the Velcro wrap around your own hair and you’re ready to take on the world! Featuring a Classic Curl texture and at 20 inches full-length, The Lola Pony is perfect if you’re wanting a sleek look with a bit of fun. Weighing 130 grams, The Lola Pony will give you a full voluminous look that’s both light and comfortable. It’s heat resistant if you’re feeling more of a straight, sleek look, and also comes in six different shades. From Espresso, Pecan, a dark-chocolate shade, white-blonde Platinum and a reddish Copper.
Model wears: Platinum, paired with Fairly Odd Shop SuperStar earrings in Mint
The Nikki Bang Wig - £49
(Left to right: Deviant Art, Nicki Minaj
We recently talked about our love for Nicki Minaj and her use of Harajuku Barbie-inspired hair, which is why we’re so excited to launch our Nikki Bang Wig! A sleek bundle of 36-inches, the Nikki Bang features our Premium Fibre to ensure longevity and beautifully tamed locks. At 150% density, you won’t have to worry about thin hair, as the Nikki Bang Wig provides fullness from root to tip. As with all our Premium Fibre products, it’s heat resistant. If the Nicki ‘Pink Lemonade’ shade isn’t for you, why not try the rest of the four shades, including Onyx, Burgundy and Platinum.
Model wears: Pink Lemonade
The Luna Lace Wig - £69
(Top to Bottom: Nyane Lebajoa, Megan Thee Stallion)
In our last blog post, we mentioned how Anime hairstyles have taken over, especially when it comes to vibrant eye-catching colours. If you’re looking to jump on the coloured-frontal trend, then look no further! Our new Luna Lace wig is designed to give you ‘Electric Sky’ vibes, think of it as a Bouji Mermaid look. The Ombre style goes from midnight to ocean blue and also features a body wave hair texture. Perfectly pre-curled, this style is perfect for anyone wanting vibrant glam without the hassle. The Luna Lace wig is also heat resistant, letting you customise the style when needed.
Model Wears: Electric Sky (Available for Pre-Order on 31/01/2021)
The Ky-Li Lace Wig - £59
(Left to right: Kylie Jenner, Getty Images/Nikola_Trajkovicc
Where would we be without Kylie Jenner helping to make wigs mainstream? The girl knows how to rock a straight frontal, so it makes sense to call our latest product drop after her: ‘The Ky-Li Lace Wig’. A sleek, straight style featuring our Premium Futura Fibre and with a pre-plucked middle parting, the 34-inch wig is perfect for go-getters who need an easy style but with added glam. The three colours include Mauve, similar to the exact shade Kylie wore at the 2019 Met Gala, Periwinkle, a pastel blue, and Lime.
Models wear: Left to Right Periwinkle and Mauve Available for Pre-Order on 24/01/2021)
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